Honoring Black Pioneers in Healthcare - Part 1

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For Black History Month, the Culture of Health podcast is honoring Black trailblazers in healthcare from the early 19th century to present day. Our guests for these two episodes are Dr. Nwando Anyaoku, Chief, Chief Health Equity and Clinical Innovation Officer for Providence and Dr. Richard Allen Williams, Founder of the Association of Black Cardiologists (1974). Currently he is Clinical Professor of Medicine at the UCLA School of Medicine (full Professor), where he has been a faculty member for 46 years. (see Dr. Williams full bio below)

In this first episode we will be focusing on the historical figures whose substantial contributions to medicine are even more significant when you understand the considerable barriers from which they had to overcome such as racism, segregation, and income inequality. Many, if not most Black medical students faced discrimination from their peers, professors, and patients, and they often had limited access to resources and mentorships. 

In overcoming these obstacles, they were able to change healthcare and along the way they built a pathway for others to achieve great things. Many of whom we will be discussing in our second episode.

There are far too people to honor in two 30-minute episodes, but you can visit the providence blog at blog.providence.org to discover an article honoring Black medical pioneers. Below you’ll also find a couple of timelines with bios of additional noteworthy medical pioneers.



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Honoring Black Pioneers in Healthcare - Part 1
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