Prevention is the Cure: Colorectal Cancer

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Host, Dr. Nwando Anyaoku, engages in a discussion with Dr. Sonja Maddox, a primary care physician at PAC Med (part of the Providence family), and Denise Colome, Director of Health Equity in the South Division. Together, they delve into the intricate nuances of health equity pertaining to colorectal cancer.

Throughout the episode, they shed light on the specific challenges faced by Black and LatinX communities regarding this disease, while also exploring the proactive measures being taken by Providence to address these issues.

"The best screening is the one that's taken." - Denise Colome

One of our partners in addressing the health equity issues around cancer is Stand Up to Cancer. If you would like more information, you can do so at
Prevention is the Cure: Colorectal Cancer
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